Let's Chat with Leah & Deveter

Episode 18: I'm Black In America

April 14, 2021 Leah & Deveter Brown
Let's Chat with Leah & Deveter
Episode 18: I'm Black In America
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I'm Black In America 

I’m Black in America. 
I’m sure you know what that means. 
people take my hair, my clothes, my music, and me.
I’m Black in America.
I’m sure you understand by now, 
I’m scared every time my brothers drive downtown. 
They’re Black as well and they’re as worried as I am. 
Every single night there’s someone on the news crying. over a family member or friend who’s been missing for weeks. 
Seriously all you hear on TikTok is “please please please please” whether they’re Muslim, Asian, or Black just like me,
They are scared to walk out in these white-owned streets. 
The thing is, the white people said the same but the funny thing is they said the blacks are to blame. 
They called us thugs, gang bangers, and robbers too. oh but guess what? 
That’s the only thing you see on the news.
-Leah Simone

Being Black in America is the topic of discussion in this podcast.

I'm Black In America Poem
Today's topic
Dissecting the poem. Afraid for loved ones
George Floyd
Dealing with it all
Take a Break
Grouping People
Racisms is taught
Can you unlearn behaviors?
Learning never stops
Other People's Perspectives of you
Take care of yourself
"Minorities" attaching each other
Evil is taking over
Crushing on Someone of a different race